adopt an animal!

You can realize your dream of adopting a cow, a chicken, a goose, a pig, a horse, a donkey, a goat, a sheep, a dog …

It is also an original idea for a gift to those who love animals but cannot keep one at home …

The animal’s identity card will be prepared and sent to the “adoptive parent”.

By adopting an animal, you or the recipient of the gift, will have the possibility to withdraw in exchange the products of the Farm of your choice, such as jams, cheese, milk, meats, honey, eggs or vegetables for the same value as the adoption.

“Adopt an animal of the Farm” is in fact a nice initiative created to let you know the reality of our mountains and get closer to the agricultural world.You can taste the products of the Farm and come to visit your friend during the days when the farm is open . Here you can find the different solutions that we offer:

species adoption 1 month adoption 3 months adoption 6 months Adozione 12 mesi
Horse, Donkey, Cow 30€ 85€ 175€ 350€
Goat, Sheep, Calf 25€ 70€ 145€ 290€
Dog, Cat 20€ 55€ 115€ 230€
Chicken, Goose, Duck, Rabbit 10€ 25€ 55€ 110€

              Fattoria didatticavitello


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