Our farmhouse breeds different species of animals.

You will find chickens, ducks, geese, sheep and goats, pigs, donkeys, horses and cows … and much more!

Breeds of cows that we raise:

1) The Jersey that produce milk with a very intense taste which makes our products (ice cream, yogurt and cheese) very delicious!

2) Grigio Alpine are very rustic cows, typical of the mountains, these animals adapt very well to the life of the mountain pasture.


There are also the pigs for the production of cold cuts that we prepare in our laboratory: salami, coppa, pancetta, lonzino, magatelli and seasoned fillets, lard and hams.

Sheep and Donkeys:

Let’s not forget the sheep and donkeys that have the main task of cleaning up the surrounding meadows by grazing the grass.


An important place is reserved for horses that we use to let children experience the thrill of riding and that we use for riding lessons and excursions.

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