Onore eng

Onore is located at the foot of a natural slope at a height between 636 meters and 1,429 meters above sea level. It borders with the road that runs through the Tede valley, with Mount Pora, with the Falecchio plateau and with the fractions of Poerza, Ombregno and Brugai.

The village:

The village is dominated from above by the fifteenth-century church dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta. Built on the remains of a pagan place of worship, inside we can admire the splendid altars of the Fantoni workshop. The numerous minor churches are worth a visit, including the one dedicated to S. Antonio Abate, along the road to the Val di Tede, and the one dedicated to S. Antonio da Padova, in via S. Antonio.


Le Calchere:

On our territory we can still find numerous signs of ancient calchere, that is what remains of the kilns, where the rock was cooked for the production of lime. Since lime is a very useful product in construction, it had a large production in those places, such as ours, where the raw materials were available: the limestone and wood to cook the stone and turn it into lime. This production continued uninterruptedly until the end of the 1950s when cement replaced lime.

There are two recovered Calchere that can be visited. One, a very rare artifact, abandoned because it is still “charged”, that is, ready for firing stones, is in the locality of Righenzuolo in the Village of Songavazzo and the other is in Valley Tede, municipality of Castione della Presolana. With a one-day hike, starting from the built-up area of Onore, you can visit both recovered kilns through fresh woods and green pastures.