Our menus are:

COMPLETE Menu from 28 € – starters, main course, second course, dessert, water and coffee.
SHORT menu from 24 €Two restaurant dishes: starters and main course or starter and second course or main and second course with dessert, water, coffee.
Menu WOODEN CUTTING BOARD from € 16: Assortment of typical hors d’oeuvre, dessert, water and coffee.

wine is excluded

Children up to 5 years € 6 (anything they eat of the proposals of the day)
Children from 6 to 12 years € 12 (anything they eat of the proposals of the day)

– – – –

STARTERS: Assortment of cured meats (Home-made cured meats , Small fresh salami, Coppa, Pancetta, Lonzino, lard, Smoked ham, Raw ham ), cheeses with honey and jams.

MAIN COURSES: Buckwheat tagliatelle, egg pasta, Fresh home-made pasta, Ravioli, Pizzoccheri, Risotto, Foiade, Buckwheat crêpes and Orzotto. (other dishes can be arranged on request)

SECOND COURSES: roast, Braised beef, bocconcini, ribs or sliced, Mixed meat grill, ribs with cabbage, stew with potatoes, Breaded lamb chops, Milanese veal chop (breaded), polenta and mushrooms (other dishes can be arranged on request)

SIDE DISHES: original Bergamo polenta, seasonal vegetables, salad or potatoes.

CHEESE of our production: Ewe’s cheese, Ewe’s ricotta, fresh cheese from milk whey, fresh goat’s cheese, very soft & fresh cheese,

DESSERTS: Chocolate log, Tarts, Apple pie, Rustic cakes, Chocolate fudge, Tiramisu, Cream pudding, Yogurt and Ice Cream of our production.
(birthday cakes on request)

WINES: Barbera and Bonarda produced by Az. Agricola Vigano (Oltrepò Pavese – Italy)
Bergamo red and white, Valcalepio red and white (Cantina sociale Bergamasca)