Summer Camp What is it

It’s Summertime at Fattoria della felicità!

Discover all the fun Summer at Fattoria della Felicità has to offer through a variety of programs and experiences designed to suit your campers interests. Come for one week, or stay all summer! We can’t wait to see you soon.

The farm is immersed in a vast territory away from roads and traffic, near woods, rivers and mountains populated by deer, roe deer and squirrels, offering many opportunities to explore and appreciate the area. The children play a fundamental role in the care of animals and the vegetable garden to help provide food for the camp, thus bringing the freshest ingredients from the farm to the kitchen and, ultimately, to the meals.

Since 2009 we have been teaching respect and love for nature. The Happy Farm Camp,  provides a safe, fun and rewarding summer camp away from technology, celebrity culture and academic pressures. Through fun activities and positive staff role models, Fattoria della Felicità helps develop life skills in campers such as confidence, teamwork, leadership, communication and character development, which last long after their summer at camp.

Summer camp gives children an excellent opportunity to act on their own, be self-reliant and try things for themselves. This new found independence is something camp children will carry with throughout their life. Our counselors, model perseverance, listening, teamwork and appreciation of differences, setting a new and high standard for your child’s own behavior. This helps create well rounded self-reliant, caring young people.

Every day at the camp we create a program that combines involvement on the farm with traditional summer camp activities. Your child will be an active participant in our farming community, with the freedom to choose their activities every day.

There will be walks in the enchanting woods surrounding the farm in search of traces of wild animals, moments of play and leisure.

… And if we really have to … We will do some homework!