Valley Tede Valley Varro

The territory of the Park is included in the upper Seriana Valley and is characterized by the presence of a mountain environment of considerable naturalistic value.
This area has extremely varied and articulated landscape features.


The floristic richness, shows a remarkable level of biodiversity.
In spring meadows, yellow daisies and anemones bloom, and in the woods, lilies and cyclamens. Lilies of St. John and edelweiss bloom on the alpine pastures. In the woods, mushrooms, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries also grow. There are also many wild herbs that enrich the cuisine of Bergamo, including: nettles, dandelion, silene, good Enrico, wild asparagus, tender shoots of hops, watercress and borage.


the Park is home to some species of ungulates, among which the most widespread are roe deer and deer, the alpine rock partridge, the hare and the main species of carnivores and birds of prey and the very rare grouse.